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Posted by on Jul 13, 2013 in Gandang Tunay Tips | 3 comments

Gandang Tunay tips — Glowing skin

Taking care of your skin does not only stop with just washing and keeping it clean. Remember, a glowing skin is not only clean but also soft and smooth.

Just for a little recap of the previous post, it is mentioned that GT Soaps and GT Clarifiance removes dead skin and blemishes. It is natural for your skin to be a little dry especially during the first few times you use GT. This is perfectly normal. This is actually a good sign that all those unwanted blemishes are rid off from your body.

Yes, you’re done, taking a bath with GT soaps and you’re done cleansing your face with GT Clarifiance, what’s next? After taking off those deep seated dirt, dead skin cells and all those skin blemishes, you have to moisturize your skin!

Here are three tips for you to remember when you moisturize your skin.

_ETL4440Tip 1. Never underestimate the moisturizing power of lotion.

Fresh out from the shower and you feel clean and extremely fragrant after using GT soaps. Grab your GT Carrot Lotion and moisturize your skin! Apply it daily especially after a bath. Apply it all over, your legs, your arms and even your stomach.

GT Carrot lotion also has beta carotene which reduces the signs of aging making your skin healthy, white and smooth even toned young looking skin. GT Carrot Lotion is not just anti-aging but also whitening, moisturizing, body concealer and sunblock lotion. It has SPF 60 so your skin can be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. You can re-apply the lotion as needed!

And by the way, the fragrance of GT Carrot Lotion is absolutely enchanting!

Tip 2. Use creams—GT Creams

Creams have different uses and results for different skin types. So first of all, know your skin type and make sure to apply creams accordingly too. GT Creams also have three kinds: Moisturizing, Bleaching, and Whitening with Sunblock.

Creams should be applied after using GT Clarifiance to remove remaining dirt. GT Bleaching Cream is ideal for removing stubborn blemishes. But always keep in mind that this should only be applied during night time. This cream is a night beauty treatment. Apply it in small dots enough to be spread on your freshly washed and cleansed face. Apply 3 dots on your forehead, 1 dot on your nose and chin, and 2 dots on each side of your cheeks. These will be enough to spread the cream on your face. Avoid sweat to avoid itchiness especially on your neck.

GT Moisturizing cream is ideal for day time and it keeps your skin moisturized after applying GT Bleaching cream the night before. The next morning, wash your face and body with GT soap, cleanse your face with GT Clarifiance and then apply GT Moisturizing cream. You can apply it on your face, neck, hands or legs. Just like applying the bleaching cream, apply it in dots and spread it thoroughly on your face and body. Then you can put powder on or leave it as is and retouch within the day when needed. You’ll notice that your skin is finer, moisturized, white and glowing and definitely protected from the sun’s rays.

GT Whitening with Sunblock is is a four-in one cream whitens, moisturizes, protects and serves as make up base which is useful when going out under the heat of the sun like going to the beach or while working outside where you are exposed to the sun.

Apply the cream about 30 minutes before going out in the sun and allow enough time for the product to start working. Apply the sunscreen generously, spreading to all exposed areas and smooth in gently. During the hot months like summer, apply the sunblock with SPF 15 every day to minimize the appearance of dark spots and fine wrinkles. In our current temperature nowadays, it is advisable to use this cream especially for the working ladies out there who have to suffer under the harmful UV rays. This cream however, can also be applied overnight as moisturizing and whitening cream.

Now, show off your soft skin to the world!

Tip 3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day!

You have probably heard this many times from school especially in biology classes and heard this from doctors and countless health ads, and I advise you to heed this advice. Remember that your body is made up mostly of water, thus, you have the duty to properly replenish it!

What does it have to do with your skin? Here, imagine a grape. Then imagine it putting it outside in the heat of the sun and voila! You have a raisin! Raisins are wrinkled dried grapes and that will happen to you if you dehydrate yourself. But that’s an exaggeration of course.

Seriously, your skin will dry up slowly and can make your skin rough or scaly, too. Lack of water will also make your lips chappy and affects your whole productivity. So don’t forget your daily 8 glasses of water. Your skin will thank you for it and so will your organs especially your kidneys.

Taking care of your beauty will also mean taking care of your health. Be healthy and enjoy life! Life is beautiful and so are you! Till my next post my gorgeous ladies… hugs and kisses!



  1. I love gt carrot lotion…. its not itchy…. its really great for my sensitive skin…. i also use gt carrot soap for my face and body… and the gt clarifiance and sunblock whitening cream…. i tried a lot of skincare products… but i always comes back to gt products… coz its mild and gently clears my skin… and it did lighten my skintone in a subtle way…. i love gt forlife….!!!

  2. Hi
    can i continue using the bleaching cream during the peeling process?

    • Hello….just want to share my experience with the bleaching cream…i apply it for five days….then i will stop and wait for a week to let it peel off naturally….then i rest my skin for a week again then after that…. i apply it again for five days…then rest again….patience is important….but it works….i have adult acne….and now my dark spots are lessened….

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